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Welcome to the CCI Learning Solutions Microsoft Office 365 Courseware Companion Microsite

This microsite is a complement to the CCI Learning Solutions Microsoft Office 365 courseware. It consists of various reinforcement tools that allow students to practice and apply the skills that they acquire while using the courseware. Additionally, the microsite provides supplementary content and hands-on exercises.

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If you do not have an account, click Register to create a new account. On completion of the registration form, you will receive an email confirming your new account.

If you register as an Instructor, you will receive a second email once you are given access to the Instructor Resources. This typically occurs within 24 hours after registering.You can, however, login to view the reinforcement tools.

Configuring Office 365 Elements
IMPORTANT! Step-by-step instructions for performing the steps necessary to configure the learning environment are available here. If you purchased a business subscription plan on your own and want to recreate the learning environment you experienced in your classroom, download the document and follow the steps outlined therein.

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